Writing an Online Recruitment Job Advert

Writing an online recruitment advert is different to writing a recruitment advert for the press.

Although the principle is the same, the structure and use of keywords play a greater role in attracting quality candidates to your vacancy in an online campaign then they do through traditional methods.

Most candidates search for jobs online using a job board search engine. Typically this means that a candidate will input search terms relating to the skills they possess or a specific job title. If the keywords in your advert match those that the candidate has used then the advert will be included in the search results displayed in order of relevance.

The relevance of a recruitment advert is often determined by three factors:

  • Search terms or ‘keywords’ in the job title
  • Number of times the search terms appear in the text of the advert
  • How recently the advert was posted on the site

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Writing the advert

In order to get the best results from your online recruitment advert, consider the following:

  • Search terms. Search terms are the keywords in your advert that will attract candidates to your vacancy. Before writing the advert consider what search terms a candidate would use and tailor your advert accordingly.
  • Job titles. ‘Market friendly’ job titles tend to be picked up better by search engines then company specific job titles. For example, the term Business Analyst will be picked up far more readily then Analyst Leader-New Business. Keywords in job titles are very important as they are often ‘weighted’. This means that a keyword in the title can be ‘worth’ more then the same keyword in the advert itself.
  • Skills. It is important in the advert to clearly list all the relevant skills that you require. By doing so it will increase the ‘relevance’ of your advert in the candidates search results.

When writing the text, it is important to try and incorporate the keywords into the text of the advert as much as possible. For example, instead of writing “you will be working…” write “As a web developer you will be working…” There are no word limits with online recruitment adverts so making your advert rich in keywords is possible. However research shows that people tend to read less of an advert online then they would if reading a job advert in a local newspaper. It is therefore advisable to be succinct with your wording.


Once you have tailored your recruitment advert sufficiently to attract candidates it is even more important that they then apply for it. In order to achieve this consider the following:

  • Vagueness. Candidates are unlikely to apply for jobs after reading a confusing or vague job advert. Be precise with the information and clearly explain what the job will entail.
  • Company description. When applying for jobs people want to know what kind of company they could be working for. Any achievements or recent developments should therefore be highlighted. It is also often worth mentioning the location of where the job will be based.
  • Skills & Experience. By clearly outlining the required skills and experience in the advert it will reduce the amount of irrelevant applications you receive.
  • Remuneration. People are much more likely to respond to adverts which state a salary or salary band. Phrases such as ‘competitive’ are not as attractive since they are ambiguous. List any further benefits that may be of interest to a potential candidate.

Advertising IT Jobs and Technical Jobs

Technojobs has been providing thousands of quality candidates since 1999. The benefits of advertising your IT Jobs and Technical Jobs on Technojobs include:

  • Vacancy advertised immediately (online for 30 days)
  • It is hassle free – no waiting time and everything is done online
  • Reduces your cost per hire over traditional advertising
  • Jobs are also posted free, on your behalf, to other popular job sites (e.g. Careerjet, 1job, Jobrapido)
  • Jobs distributed via email job alerts to relevant candidates
  • Tag Scoring technology to ensure candidate searches find the right job
  • Significant targeted marketing to attract IT and Technical candidates
  • Applications emailed directly to you immediately with a CV
  • Access to the Technojobs Candidate Management Portal
  • CV database search available
  • From only £175 + vat for one job

All you need to do is sign up as a recruiter and purchase the relevant job credits or job package. You can even add your job advert at a later stage.

Additionally, save money by buying job credits in advance. There is no time limit on using the credits.

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