How to Find Cheap Airline Tickets Using a VPN

How to Find Cheap Airline Tickets Using a VPN
How to Find Cheap Airline Tickets Using a VPN

Let’s be honest here, if you had the opportunity to get a cheap flight – in a matter of minutes – yo would totally take it. All of a sudden, those far-fetched holiday destinations don’t seem so far fetched anymore. You deserve the vacation of your dreams, and you don’t need to break the bank purchasing the cheaper flights with a VPN.

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Let’s get you travelling for less

Long-awaited vacations are so desirable and so necessary. However, affording the costs of an airline ticket can easily feel like a pipedream – especially in today’s economy! But you can breathe a sigh of relief because knowing how to get cheap flights with VPN can alleviate some pressure.

Some people who wish to go to distant countries plan their vacation thoroughly. They start planning sometimes even up to a year before the trip – specifically researching when to buy cheap airline tickets and when to book accommodation. Others opt to spontaneously throw dresses into their suitcase and book a last-minute flight out!

In both cases, it is clear that there is one common denominator between these two different types of people: both of these travelers are still interested in figuring out how to get cheaper flights with VPN.

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Here’s how to get cheap flights with VPN

Firstly, you will need to go to – this is the database of tariffs, which will help you navigate the cost of the flight.

Next go to different search services, such as Expedia and others. The list is unlimited. Compare the costs and all of the available flight connections.

Separately, it is a good idea to find all low-cost airlines operating in your desired countries. One way to do this is through the specific airport’s website, which you’re supposed to visit. Each airport lists all of the airlines that fly in and out.

While checking travel aggregators like SkyScanner and airports’ websites, it is important to find localized versions of websites intended for different countries as prices do differ depending on the country.

For airlines owners, it is important from which country the buy request is made. Travel aggregators allow you to set your location. And here VPN services, like ExpressVPN, will help you to change the IP, and correspondingly the service will provide data intended for another country.

By continuously alternating the IP and geolocation, you can search for attractive promo codes, coupons, and other flight discounts. This is how you get cheaper flights with your VPN.

If you are going to visit the countries of Latin America, please keep in mind that prices for citizens and foreigners are significantly different in these countries. One of the benefits of using a VPN is that it can save you a lot of money.

Do not despair if the flight to exotic Asian islands turns out very expensive. Try looking for the nearest airports in non-tourist cities. From there you can get to the desired place using plenty of local transportation options like a ferry, bus, train or local airlines.

How to buy cheap flights

A general rule of thumb is that it is much cheaper to fly with airline connections than using direct flights. It is better to check the possible connections manually through options like Multi-Destination Flights, so you can choose your own stops in necessary cities and countries.


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