Apply For Cyber Security Specialist – Assisted and Automated Driving – ADAS

A leading premium automotive business and leading to move towards electric autonomous vehicles.

We are looking for a Senior Cyber Security Specialist within Assisted and Automated Driving to work on protecting the vehicle as a whole including its connections with the outside world. We work from the design stage through to vehicle production including early system analysis and risk assessments, mitigation technologies where needed, hardware and software implementation and ultimately penetration test and system monitoring on an ongoing basis.

As a Senior Cyber Security Specialist, you will be responsible for the security definition of the autonomous driving vision needed to deliver the complete end to end solution. Responsible for leading a team and the oversight of the processes needed to assure success on the deployment of security lifecycle on Jaguar Land Rover vehicles.

You will be responsible for leading the architectural design of the possible security products/controls and interacting with stakeholders, industry experts and opinion leaders to bring a harmonious solution that satisfies all parties.

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Key Accountabilities and Responsibilities

* Lead system architecture and development for new security solutions and be able to harden existing solutions
* Proficient Technical expertise on ADAS architecture and development focused on security using Agile methodologies
* Develop security standards, systems and solutions to be deployed on a worldwide scale and very knowledgeable on ADAS hardware and software solutions.
* Leadership and teamwork are vital for the role, the ability to work with other team members along with taking ownership of assigned projects
* Delivering projects according to the planned schedule is a priority with robust communication skills to report and be able to work under pressure
* Reviewing, organising and documenting security information to provide clear insights into current operations and provide analysis on their effectiveness
* Coaching and mentoring other engineers on the team


You will be fully involved in our next generation projects working in an Agile structure to make our systems comply with upcoming legislation such as UNECE 155. This work includes for example implementation of a new Vehicle Key Management System applicable to all ECUs across the entire vehicle and Secure Diagnostics that will help to protect the vehicle against unauthorized access both physical and remote.

Our work also allows us to engage with leading silicon vendors to select the best SoC platforms that can support our next generation strategies, specifying and choosing the right partners for our software stacks regarding security mechanisms and working with multiple feature/product teams to define the best solutions for secure communication for both on-board and off-board.

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Knowledge, Skills and Experience

* Proven track record of leading a development team on the architectural/technical side delivering ADAS solutions at levels 3 and 4
* Proven ability to apply the V-model development process
* Ability to lead technical discussions with stakeholders and support proposal development
* Strong security background (e.g cryptography, key management, firewall, software integrity and so on)
* Capable of conceptualizing, defining, and implementing security systems and architectures
* Experience with secure embedded architecture design
* Strong technical, communication and analytical abilities
* Ability to produce timely, logical and concise work products
* Ability to work effectively independently, in a team or collaborative environment
* Proficient in security and automotive standards, legislation, processes
* Committed team player, software programmes are often very complex and require extraordinary effort to deliver due to limited expertise across OEM’s
* Good knowledge on ADAS related hardware and also up to date on ADAS features and architecture
* Experience with ADAS standards and protocols and Ability to design, develop and validate ADAS test procedures to meet standards
* Strong design and analytical capability for system engineering or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
* Training and work experience in automotive embedded systems and control systems

Contact Name: Land Rover Jaguar
Reference: TJ/3617/66551-38987201
Job ID: 3082641


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