Get A Job Abroad From Nigeria – Top 5 Trending Skills To Consider

Get A Job Abroad From Nigeria – Top 5 Trending Skills To Consider
Get A Job Abroad From Nigeria – Top 5 Trending Skills To Consider

Interested in getting a job abroad from Nigeria? I will show you what job sectors to target. A lot of people may ask why I am still in the country despite knowing all of these. The fact remains that not everyone has the time to dedicate themselves to leaving the shores of Nigeria. I have seen and helped a whole lot of people get jobs in countries like Australia, Canada and even Germany, and it isn’t rocket science but at the same time, it is time taking.

If you have the urge to get a job abroad from Nigeria and leave the country, then you should read the post and do the needful. If you have ever taken note of the European CV format, you would see a portion that is dedicated to the skills you have acquired with respect to the job advertised.

Whites don’t employ the way we do here in Nigeria. If you don’t have the right skills, then there is no space for you. Companies abroad can be very willing to sponsor anyone from any part of the world, as long as you have what they are looking for.

The question in your mind “Why should they consider me as a Nigerian?”

The answer is “Because you are cheap!” No disrespect, but hiring a front-end developer who is a citizen of the same country is very expensive for the employer of that firm, and he knows it. Hence he is seeking out for cheap labour, with the hope to maximize profit.

Without wasting many words, what are the skills that can get you a job abroad from Nigeria with ease?

I don’t want it to sound like the regular jargons you have always heard in the past about how ICT is making the next billionaires outside and inside Nigeria. Are you looking for a reason to venture into ICT?

Countries like Canada and Australia every year open up their doors to immigrants with these superb skills. I guess you are wondering if they won’t have a saturation of ICT gurus.

The answer is NO!!

If America that houses millions of ICT gurus is still accepting talented Tech personalities, why should a country like Australia and Canada who still needs them in bulk suffer from saturation?

Get the right skill, applying for the express visa or attend an Educational Institute in those countries, and watch how they scrabble for your signature – if you are good. What are the trending skills in ICT?

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Social Media and Digital Marketing

Are you surprised to see this topping my list? It has been so much bastardized in Nigeria, that we all assume it has no influence again. Social media marketing has topped the vacancy list in several countries abroad for about 2 months now, with companies looking for able hands to manage their online presence.

The world is going digital, so is marketing. Companies are paying through their noses just to have a strong presence online, and rake in more sales than ever from the online market. Next time you see a Digital Marketer, treat him or her with much respect.

Front-End and Back-End Developers [Full Stack Developers]

The whole world loves them! Show me a developer who isn’t sought after, both outside and inside the country, and I will show you a blind man who can drive 100k/m safely. Software and Web Application

Developments are becoming one of the most sought-after courses in the world. The good news is that online few people are interested in acquiring this skill – hence the deficit it suffers from the low workforce.

Hardware Engineers

In case you might want to ask “What about those technicians who have shops all around the metropolis of Lagos” might be the next question? The fact is that they have no certificate to back up their knowledge claims. Being a Technician and an Engineer are two different things. While one understands the repairs and working principles, the other only understand repairs. There are lots of Technicians out there with little Hardware Engineers.

Sales and Marketing

Sales are one of the integral processes of the survival of any company. Salespeople are one of those that can easily land a job abroad from any part of the world.

Are you a salesperson in Nigeria?

Are you undervalued and insulted in Nigeria?

Do you have some certifications to back-up your sales experience?

Good news is that your sales skill is wanted in places that appreciate your capabilities. Salespeople in foreign countries are suffering from the low workforce, and they are open to accepting immigrants who are ready to do the dirty job for a good pay and handsome commission.

Graphic design, Photography & Illustration

The numbers of businesses that are dependent on graphics designing are continuously on the increase. If you are superbly good with what you do in graphics, then all you have to do is attach your superbly executed job to your CV and request for an interview.

Many Nigerian Graphic artists don’t really know the potentials that come with such skills. Aside from earning a good income on freelance sites, that might be your flight tickets to top countries in the world. To increase your chances of landing a ‘heavy’ job, make connections from various design groups, reach out to companies and have an online profile ready for assessment.

Graphic designers are among the top earners on several freelance sites, what makes you think you can’t land a regular job abroad? Think about it. If you know you have the above skills, you can check out the possible way of getting a job abroad from Nigeria. Till we meet again, keep the hustle going.

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