Electrical Foreman at SPIE Oil & Gas Services

Electrical Foreman at SPIE Oil & Gas Services
Electrical Foreman at SPIE Oil & Gas Services

Electrical Foreman

Job Description

  • SPIE Oil & Gas Services Nigeria is currently looking for an Electrical Foreman to join its work force in Nigeria.


  • Managing a team, supervising electricians, oversees planning and implementation of large electrical projects, evaluating tasks progress, attending meetings, identifying conflicts, and resolving problems.

Other work responsibilities often include organizing and planning a construction project, directing work, inspecting installations for quality, making sure code standards are met, and ensuring job safety related to:

  • Power and control cables routing, trays, sleeves, underground…
  • Power and control cables laying, testing and recording
  • Mounting of sub-station systems power and control
  • Field equipment’s installation and terminations
  • Electrical foreman plans and manages electrical engineering projects and supervises personnel. This requires meeting with clients, as well as establishing a proper leadership for the project.
  • 4-7 years of experience in the specialty area. Job might appeal to individuals with interests in construction, Oil & Gas industry, electricity / lighting.
  • The electrical foreman oversees large and complex fields of operations, many different electricians at the same time, and supervises the project, from the large-scale down to the details. A foreman is responsible for providing on-site direction and leadership for workers in order to complete jobs within specific guidelines that include HSE and Quality standards, time requirements, as well as budget considerations.
  • A foreman is involved into many different aspects of the job, including planning, customer relations, material management, and quality control. he may also be responsible for training newly employees or overseeing apprenticeship programs.

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  • Knowledge of the National Electrical Code.
  • Proficient in Microsoft software i.e., Words, Excel, Outlook.
  • Ability to lead and motivate multi-national teams,
  • Takes a Pride in his work,
  • Has the ability to maintain good relations with colleagues and others,
  • Physical ability to work on offshore installations in the climatic conditions of the site,
  • Languages: English necessary (score of >> 3.5 in standard Total test or Bright test or 780 in TOEIC),
  • He must have proven ability as a leader of small teams.
  • Perfectly competent and independent in his own field,
  • He must show common sense and an organizational ability.
  • Natural authority, founded on his abilities and on the trust he has in his teams, is essential.

Candidate Criteria:

Minimum level of experience required:

  • 6 years or more

Required authorisations:

  • Nil


  • English (D-Full professional proficiency)

What can we offer you?

  • We offer a variety of stimulating and evolving experiences: exciting projects, learning from professionals and immersed in international culture.
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