Average Web Designer Salary


Web Design Salaries have been rising for a year or so along with demand and the average salary is now around £30,000.

This signifies a rise of over 7% on the same period last year and looks to continue to rise throughout this year. Entry level Web Designers can expect to start out with a modest salary of around £22,000; however this rises quite sharply with experience and earning £40,000 is very achievable with experience.

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Top locations to optimise your Web Design Salary

London is typically the location that will offer the highest salaries, and that’s no different for Web Designer jobs. Other top locations for the best web design salary include Manchester, Yorkshire, Hampshire, West Midlands and Surrey.

Ways to boost your Web Designer salary

There are several ways for you to boost your Web Designer salary from small efforts to record all your best work well and backing this up with analytics to choosing to become a freelance or contract web designer jobs.

Create a Portfolio and back it up with analytics

Keeping your work in a well organised and nicely presented can help a great deal when you are trying to get hired as a web designer, especially when negotiating salary. Backing up your design work with analytical evidence that supports how your design has helped with visits and conversions can also be key to proving you are worth the higher salary.

Continue to learn

New technologies, platforms, languages and techniques are always emerging and so in order to achieve higher salaries it is important to keep up. Learning a new web design language can increase your employability and help boost your Web Designer Salary.

Keep up to date with trends

As with all visual and design fields, web design is constantly changing and evolving. Keeping up with trends is key and being able to demonstrate this is even more important.

Web Designer Contract Jobs

Web Design is a skill that is hugely applicable to contract work and the daily rates of contract staff can be dramatically higher than that of permanent staff. The average daily rate for a contract web designer is around £225. Contracting isn’t for everyone however, as work isn’t guaranteed and there are other responsibilities that you would need to undertake on top of your web designing tasks.

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