5 Incredible Entry-Level Jobs That Require Travel Abroad

5 Incredible Entry-Level Jobs That Require Travel Abroad
5 Incredible Entry-Level Jobs That Require Travel Abroad

We don’t blame you for wanting to find jobs that require a lot of international travel. ☆

For many people, traveling and working abroad after graduation is the perfect time to do so. It’s that sweet spot between the obligations of school and the daily grind of corporate life. For others, maybe becoming an expat will give you the career break from the monotony of working life that you need—and make you feel inspired again.

But long-term travel without some sort of income or reduced living expenses is simply not manageable for most folks (and that’s before we even start factoring in our dreaded student debt). That’s why we’re presenting you the best of both worlds—jobs that require international travel!

If you can get your hands on those sweet, sweet jobs that allow you to travel abroad then you’ll be set. You’ll feel fulfilled by your work, start to satiate your appetite for adventure, and will meet incredible people along the way—you know, the kind that might help you get a leg up in your future career if needed.

Maybe you never got the chance to study abroad in college, or maybe you want something different from the regular 9 to 5 corporate job. Whatever your reason, here are some awesome jobs that travel abroad so that you can begin your international career:

Check out these awesome jobs that require travel abroad

Whether you’re making a career change or recently graduated from college, these entry level jobs that require travel will put you on the right path (and by that, we mean one that’s glittered with many passport stamps!).

1. Teach English in Thailand with Greenheart Travel

Thailand is an extremely popular destination for both recent college grads and those who have been out of school for a while. It’s okay if you don’t have teaching experience. Everyone spends the first month in Hua Hin completing their required TESOL certification, learning about Thai culture, and meeting other travelers before beginning their semester-long teaching placement in a Thai school. This job includes one month’s accommodation during orientation, four months of medical insurance, and a salary starting at $900 per month. Hey, Thailand is called, “The Land of Smiles” for a reason!

If you don’t know if you can commit for a whole semester, there are short-term summer options as well. Certified teachers can go for six weeks during their summer break! The flexibility of this opportunity makes it one of our favorite entry level jobs that require travel.

  • Where: Various locations in Thailand, such as Bangkok, Trang, or Sukhotai
  • Who: Fluent English speakers who are citizens of the US, Canada, UK, EU, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa between the ages of 20-50 who possess a bachelor’s degree or equivalent.


2. Join the Peace Corps

The Peace Corps is long-standing and one of the most popular jobs that require travel abroad.

You’ve probably heard of the Peace Corps before, as it’s a huge United States Government funded program. The goal is to provide social and economic education and aid to serve communities in over 50 countries. If this seems broad, it’s because the Peace Corps offers a variety of opportunities. Participants work in one of the following areas: Agriculture, Environment, Community Economic Development, Health, Education, and Youth in Development.

Volunteers are given free housing and a living stipend that allows them to get by in their placement community. This is a two year commitment, including three months of training. Those who complete the program are given a $8,000 bonus. Since the Peace Corps covers such a wide range of jobs and countries, it’s important to really do your research before applying to narrow down which sector is right for you.


  • Where: Africa, Asia, The Caribbean, Central America, South America, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Pacific Islands
  • Who: US Citizens who are willing to commit to two years of service
  • More info: Peace Corps Alternatives


3. Performing Arts Abroad’s Music Gigs in South Africa

This internship is for music lovers who want to add a unique international experience to their resume. Interns spend 20 hours a week at a music academy that works with local children while completing a self directed project. This is a totally customizable program that provides the opportunity to train, perform, and teach while exploring South Africa in your free time.

Your most important investment? Yourself. Careers that allow you to travel abroad will pay dividends for decades. Photo credit: Greenheart Travel

There is no language requirement, as English is commonly spoken.Interns will stay in a homestay with a staff member’s family and have two meals a day covered. Bonus: Trips and activities are included, such as a visit to an elephant sanctuary! There’s nothing a little pachyderm can’t do to make this one of the best jobs that travel abroad.

  • Where: South Africa
  • Who: Those over 18 with at least one year of music experience preferred

4. Wow Your Guests as You Work in a Resort Complex in Canada

Meet locals and other travelers thanks to these entry level jobs that require travel in Canada! Live in gorgeous Ontario, Canada for six months or more. Gain a ton of hospitality experience by working six days a week at a hotel in a role such as cook, receptionist, bartender, waiter, or pool guard with pay starting at ~$14 CA an hour.

Live at the resort in shared accommodation provided by the hotel for ~$69.90 CA a week. Their program goes from May through October with options to extend.

These are really great jobs that travel abroad for those who want to save money and have a long-term career in hospitality and tourism—and who don’t mind eating poutine on the reg.

5. Stay a Kid at Heart as a Camp Counselor in Germany

Did you always love camp as a kid? Now’s your chance to give back… abroad!

If you love camp activities like horseback riding and canoeing, then Leolingo’s jobs that travel abroad might be for you! You role as a camp counselor in Germany would be to teach English to children who are anywhere from seven to 15 years old. After a training period, employees will be in charge of a group of 12 campers for six week periods starting in July through September.

Day Counselors work 9am-5pm and make ~€200 euros per week and have half of housing costs covered. Night Counselors work 5pm-9am and make ~€150 euros per week and have housing fully covered.

Singalongs included.

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